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Pressure Washer Authority offers a wide variety of Unloader Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, and Thermal Relief Valves from quality manufacturers. The products found on our online store represent only a small portion of our best selling items. If the part you’re looking for is not listed, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you with other items from our full inventory.

Unloader Valves Unloader Valves
The Unloader Valve’s function is to direct the flow of water exiting the pump. A positive displacement pump continuously pumps water with or without the spray gun being engaged. When the gun is closed, the Unloader Valve prevents the build up of dangerously high pressures by rerouting the water back to the inlet side of the pump. We and manufacturers recommend using a Pressure Relief Valve in conjunction with Unloader Valves when installed on a positive displacement pump.

Pressure Relief Valves Pressure Relief Valves
The Pressure Relief Valve is a self-operating safety device that is installed in the pressure washer system to guard against over pressurization. Relief Valves are designed to continuously regulate the flow of liquid through the pump, and to ensure that pressure will not exceed the preset value allowed. When pressures rise to unsafe levels, the valve will open to relieve the system until the predetermined value is again achieved.

Thermal Relief Valves Thermal Relief Valves
The Thermal Relief Valve is used to protect the pump from overheating and damage. When the unloader is in bypass mode for extended amounts of time the water temperature inside the pump can increase rapidly. Once the Thermal Relief Valve’s rated temperature is exceeded, the heated circulating water is discharged which allows for the introduction of cooler water into the system. Thermal Relief Valves are a cheap way to protect a pump against thermal damage.

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