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Turbo (Rotating) Nozzles

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Description PSI     Size     Qty Unit Price
Suttner ST-357 Suttner ST-357 3600 psi
Suttner ST-457 Suttner ST-457 5000 psi
General Pump Y3K General Pump Y3K 3000 psi
General Pump Y5K General Pump Y5K 5000 psi
General Pump Y7K General Pump Y7K 7000 psi
General Pump YR23K General Pump YR23K 2300 psi
General Pump YR36K General Pump YR36K 3650 psi
General Pump YR51K General Pump YR51K 5100 psi
Comet ROTOJET 2500 Comet ROTOJET 2500 2500 psi
Comet ROTOJET 3700 Comet ROTOJET 3700 3700 psi
Comet ROTOJET 4500 Comet ROTOJET 4500 4500 psi
Comet ROTOJET 5800 Comet ROTOJET 5800 5800 psi
Comet UR25 Comet UR25 3650 psi
Comet UR32 Comet UR32 5100 psi
Comet Nozzle 7250 Comet Nozzle 7250 7250 psi

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